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Graffiti Tracer Guns

These are prop guns based on the Graffiti Tracer skin for Tracer from Overwatch. They are props which I made to go with the Graffiti Tracer cosplay I also built. In addition I included a picture of some of the planning and patterns used on this project, as well as the clothing patterns from Kay (shown in the dolls and stuffed animals category of my portfolio)

The base of these is made of foam, which I carved to shape with a dremel tool. The black and white are fabric tape and the blue section was spray painted. The bottles are recycled kids' water bottles which I designed stencils for and spray painted. The triggers and some of the additional pieces are made from thermo plastic. The lights are selfie ring lights with blue vinyl over the top. Smaller pieces include: sink drain tubing, various nuts/bolts/ screws, aluminium tape, and cue stick tip shapers.

Graffiti Tracer Skin by Blizzard Entertainment